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Essager USB Type C To USB C Cable 100W/5A PD Fast Charging Charger Wire Cord For Macbook Xiaomi Samsung Type-C USBC Cable 2M

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100W Black Cable 01, 7A Black Cable 01, 100W Black Cable 02, 100W Blue Cable 02, 6A Black Cable 02, 6A Blue Cable 02


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USLION 540 Rotate 5A Magnetic Cable Fast Charging Micro USB Type C Cable For iPhone Xiaomi Magnet Charger Wire Cord USB Cable

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Black For Micro, Purple For Micro, Blue For Micro, Red For Micro, Black For Type C, Purple For Type C, Blue For Type C, Red For Type C, Black For Iphone, Purple For Iphone, Blue For Iphone, Red For Iphone, Only Micro Plug, Only Type C Plug, Only IOS Plug


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