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Master Mini Printer: Portable Thermal Printer for Labels, Sticky Notes, DIY Projects, Photos, and Texts

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Pink Printer, Green Printer, White Printer, Yellow Printer, Blue Printer, White Paper (Non-Adhesive/3 Rolls/10 Years), White Paper (Self-Adhesive/3 Rolls/2 Years), White Paper (Self-Adhesive/3 Rolls/10 Years), Pattern Paper (Self-Adhesive/3 Rolls/20 Years), Colorful Paper (Self-Adhesive/3 Rolls/20 Years), Colorful Paper (Non-Adhesive/3 Rolls/5 Years), Transparent Paper (Self-Adhesive/3 Rolls)

Meow Mini Label Printer – Portable Thermal Printer for Stickers, Paper, Inkless Printing – Wireless, 200dpi, Compatible with Android and iOS

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A-Pink, A-Blue, B-Pink, B-Blue, A-Pink and 3 white, A-Blue and 3 white, B-Pink and 3 white, 9pcs Self-adhesive, A-Pink ad 3 adhesive, A-Blue ad 3 adhesive, B-Pink ad 3 adhesive, B-Blue ad 3 adhesive, A-Pink and 3 color, B-Pink and 3 color, B-Blue and 3 color, A-Pink and each 3pcs, A-Blue and each 3pcs, B-Pink and each 3pcs, B-Blue and each 3pcs, 3pcs Thermal Paper, 3pcs Self-adhesive, 3pcs Thermal Color, A-Blue and 3 color, Mixed 9pcs Paper, 9pcs Thermal Paper, 9pcs Thermal Color, B-Blue and 3 white