ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Visual Navigation, APP Virtual Barrier, 6000PA Suction, Smart Home Mop, Floor Carpet Washing Appliance


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Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in home cleaning with the ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This advanced cleaning appliance combines powerful suction, visual navigation technology, and smart features to keep your floors and carpets spotless without lifting a finger.

Featuring visual navigation, the ABIR X6 intelligently maps and navigates your home, efficiently cleaning every corner and avoiding obstacles. With its smart sensors, it can detect and adapt to different surfaces, adjusting its suction power accordingly for optimal cleaning performance on both hard floors and carpets.

The ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner boasts a powerful 6000PA suction that effectively captures dust, dirt, pet hair, and debris from your floors. Its advanced filtration system ensures that even the tiniest particles are trapped, providing cleaner and healthier air in your home.

With the accompanying mobile app, you can control and monitor the cleaning process from anywhere. Set virtual barriers to restrict the robot's access to certain areas, ensuring it focuses on the rooms that need cleaning the most. You can also schedule cleaning sessions, customize cleaning modes, and receive real-time notifications, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Not only does the ABIR X6 vacuum, but it also doubles as a smart mop. Equipped with a water tank and microfiber mop pad, it can effectively mop and wash hard floors, leaving them sparkling clean. The mop function can be easily activated and adjusted through the app, allowing you to maintain a pristine home with minimal effort.

The ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed with convenience in mind. It has a slim profile that allows it to easily navigate under furniture and hard-to-reach areas. Its large dustbin capacity ensures less frequent emptying, while its self-charging feature ensures that it automatically returns to its docking station to recharge when needed.

Key Features:

  • Visual navigation for efficient cleaning and obstacle avoidance
  • Powerful 6000PA suction for thorough dirt and debris removal
  • Smart sensors adapt to different floor types for optimal performance
  • Advanced filtration system captures fine dust particles
  • Mobile app control for remote operation and scheduling
  • Virtual barrier settings to restrict access to specific areas
  • Smart mopping function for effective floor cleaning
  • Slim design for easy maneuverability under furniture
  • Large dustbin capacity for less frequent emptying
  • Self-charging feature for convenient operation

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Experience the convenience of visual navigation, smart controls, and powerful cleaning performance. Enjoy cleaner floors and carpets effortlessly, while saving time and energy for the things that matter most to you.


Why Choose ABIR X6?

1.X6 has Camera+ VSLAM+SLAM Triple Navigation System, which has same performance with LDS Robot . Pay less and get more!

2.We already update suction power to 6000pa.   Here is the video which compared with other famous brand: https://youtu.be/6R5zhaGxh9I

3. Compared with LDS Robot, the height of our robot  is 7.6 cm. The thickness of LDS robot are over 9.5cm in the market.

4.X6 have  600ml dustbin container and 360ml electric pump water tank. you can adjust suction power and water speed on APP.

5. X6 has many powerful function since its camera triple navigation.  You can direct X6 to clean specific spot on map, you can select which area you want to clean on map. you can set 4pcs virtual barriers on map. X6 also can do breakpoint resume cleaning . X6 work more efficiently than other robots with 2D map navigation.

Basic Information

  • Product Size:  330 x 330 x 76 mm
  • Navigation System: Camera+ VSLAM+ SLAM Triple Navigation
  • Max. Suction: 6000 Pa
  • Voltage : 25 W
  • Dust Bin Capacity :600 ml
  • Water Tank Capacity 360ml
  • Sweeping+Mopping :YES
  • Run Time: About 120 min
  • Obstacle Crossing Ability:  2CM
  • Sweeping+Mopping :Yes
  • Cleaning Area : 200 ㎡
  • Charging Time : <6 hours

What's in the box?

  • Main body X1
  • Charging station X1
  • Remote controller X1(Batteries not included)
  • AC adapter X1
  • Dust bin X1, Electric water tank X1
  • Cleaning brush X1
  • Extra side Brush X2
  • Extra HEPA filter X1
  • Extra mop X1
  • User manual X1


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